What We Do

Environmental Clean-up, Beautification and Maintenance

Our contractors and their team members specialize in the cleaning up of areas that contain substances that could have a harmful affect on humans and/or the environment. Fully equipped and outfitted to handle hazardous substances, our workers are also able to do restorative landscaping to help enhance our environment.

Cleaning and sanitization of buildings, auditoriums, community centres, wholesale and retail buildings or warehouses and fish markets.

Waste Removal

Collection, Sorting and Batching of recyclable materials. This goes hand in hand with our mandate of environmental protection and preservation. The CEPEP Company Limited is committed to ensuring that all waste is disposed of in a sustainable way that preserves the environment.

Dead Animal Removal (DART)

The DART is responsible for the removal of dead animals from all major roadways across Trinidad. CEPEP removes dead animals that are under the weight of 50 kgs from public areas. The animal’s carcass is then disposed in the nearest landfill. These landfills include: Beetham landfill, Forest Park and Guanapo landfill.

Eco-Sites Management

Nature trails, picnic sites and many other open spaces are maintained by the CEPEP Company Limited. Our Eco-Sites are maintained to ensure that our public stakeholders have a clean and enjoyable space for those quality moments.

Disaster and Emergency Response (DERT)

The CEPEP Company Limited partners with the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM), as a second responder, to provide cleanup operations during natural disasters such as floods, landslides and other natural disasters. The DERT embodies our fourth pillar which is, Enhanced Community Integration, this ensures that CEPEP builds and foster the well-beings of the communities.

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