Our Business Services

The CEPEP Company Limited provides commercial and residential services. All necessary resources are available to get the job done.

Commercial and Residential Landscaping Services

Landscaping services range from simple maintenance to creating a natural escape in residential or commercial spaces of all types. Natural and manmade elements are merged to create the sanctuary desired within a budget. Services include:

  • Tree pruning (encouraging tree development, stimulating flower production, reduce pest problems)
  • Grass cutting
  • Maintenance of surroundings

Heavy Equipment Rental

The CEPEP Company Limited has a fleet of heavy equipment which includes rental of backhoes, excavators, cranes to meet commercial and residential needs.

Waste Collection and Disposal Services

Another great service offered is solid waste management. The Company undertakes waste collection inclusive of the removal of old appliances, furniture, bulk waste and ensures it is disposed or recycled effectively.

Outdoor Grounds Maintenance

With years of experience in ground maintenance, the CEPEP Company Limited offers services which include removal and cleaning of debris, white waste removal (which includes large appliances, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washers, dryers and air conditioners) and power washing. This service can also be requested for public open spaces which include, but are not limited to, recreation fields and public parks.

Small Construction Services

Small Construction Services of the CEPEP Company Limited include:

  • Environmental Civil Works – provision of environmental services
  • Stewardship services – consultation for responsible planning and management of environmental resources.


We provide commercial transport services for goods. This includes the horizontal transport of supplies, waste (cartage or drayage), ore, soil, sand and other materials.


Farmers and home gardeners who need assistance to supply their dry land with water for agricultural preparation, can engage us for this service. The provision of this service also includes the creation systems using canals, channels, and hoses.


We have the equipment and manpower to undertake projects that entail the clearance of drains and water courses which can lead to blockages or obstructions that cause flooding.

DART (Dead Animal Removal Team)

The DART is responsible for the commercial removal of dead animals from all major roadways and public areas across Trinidad. DART moves animals under the weight of 50 kgs and disposes of their carcasses in nearest the landfills of Trinidad – the Beetham Landfill, the Forest Park landfill and the Guapano landfill.

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