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Who We Are

The CEPEP Company Limited is an Agency of the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government.

This company develops, implements and manages programmes that protect, enhance and beautify the environment in service areas known as environmental work areas (EWAs). The Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP) – our designated company name – was officially launched on the 29th of July 2002 by our former Prime Minister, Mr. Patrick Manning and it suitably represents our mandate.

The foremost goal of CEPEP is to educate communities about the need to improve and preserve our natural environment.

CEPEP’s goals are achieved through the enlistment of contracting companies that are independently responsible for the recruitment and management of workers.

CEPEP cares for its labour force because we understand the significance of their contribution to our work. We have designed programmes uniquely tailored to develop our contractors and their employees through continuous training and certification.

The CEPEP Company Limited further encourages integrity and social dialogue among its contractor workers through its Decent Work Agenda consultations. These consultations focus on freedom of speech, equity, security and human dignity.

Our Ste Madeleine location is the home to our head office and our Tobago arm is managed under the Tobago House of Assembly (THA).

The CEPEP Company Limited strives to be the premier environmental protection company and will continue along its path to growth and positive development as it remains committed to its vision, mission, and social responsibility.

Our Minister

The Minister of Rural Development and Local Government – The Honourable Faris Al-Rawi, M.P.

Mr. Faris Al-Rawi served as the Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs from September 9, 2015 to March 16th 2022. Mr. Al-Rawi first entered the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago in June 2010 as an Opposition Senator and served as the Public Relations Officer of the Peoples’ National Movement for two (2) consecutive terms.

Prior to his appointment as Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Mr. Al-Rawi was heavily involved in areas of corporate commercial law, civil litigation, industrial relations, intellectual property, mortgaging and conveyancing law and securities.

Mr. Al-Rawi was admitted to practice law in Trinidad and Tobago in 1996. He holds a Bachelor of Laws with Honours from the University of the West Indies and Masters of Law in Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Alternative Dispute Resolution from King’s College London, University of London. He also holds a Certificate of Legal Education from the Hugh Wooding Law School.

Mr. Al-Rawi is a polyglot conversant in English, Arabic, Spanish and French and a very strong supporter of various charities, in particular, the Scout movement and of the Trinidad and Tobago Karate Association of which he is a member and past instructor.

To date, former AG Faris Al-Rawi has debated over ninety (90) Bills in the House of Representatives from 2015 to present that range from the most recent The Interception of Communications (Amendment) Bill, 2020 to the Whistle Blower Protection Bill 2015.

He assumed his new portfolio of Minister of Rural Development and Local Government on Wednesday 16th March 2022.

Our Board of Directors

The Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP) is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of persons appointed in accordance with the Companies Act of Trinidad and Tobago. The Chair and ten (10) other members are accountable to the Minister of Rural Development and Local Government. The Board of Directors was appointed in 2023.


Mr. Joel Edwards

Deputy Chairman

Mrs. Yinka Jagbir-Garcia


Mr. Michael Seales

Mr. Maurissa Smith

Mr. Wendell Williams

Mr. Brian Rock

Ms. Geeta Rampersad

Mr. Robert Lee Paul

Ms. Camille Hosein

Mr. Kirt Bernard

Mr. Thomas Sanoir


Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Keith Eddy

Corporate Secretary

Mrs. Nicole Gopaulsingh

Senior Operations Officer

Mr. Matthew Kailah

Senior Marketing &
Communications Officer

Ms. Sherry-Ann Lawerance

Senior Human Resource Officer

Senior Financial Officer

Mr. Gary Stoddard

Senior Audit Officer

Ms. Alicia Austin


What we Do

Environmental Clean-up, Beautification and Maintenance

Our contractors and their team members specialize in the cleaning up of areas that contain substances that could have a harmful affect on humans and/or the environment. Fully equipped and outfitted to handle hazardous substances, our workers are also able to do restorative landscaping to help enhance our environment.

Cleaning and sanitization of buildings, auditoriums, community centres, wholesale and retail buildings or warehouses and fish markets.

Disaster and Emergency Response (DERT)

The CEPEP Company Limited partners with the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM), as a second responder, to provide cleanup operations during natural disasters such as floods, landslides and other natural disasters. The DERT embodies our fourth pillar which is, Enhanced Community Integration, this ensures that CEPEP builds and foster the well-beings of the communities.

Waste Removal

Collection, Sorting and Batching of recyclable materials. This goes hand in hand with our mandate of environmental protection and preservation. The CEPEP Company Limited is committed to ensuring that all waste is disposed of in a sustainable way that preserves the environment.

Eco-Sites Management

Nature trails, picnic sites and many other open spaces are maintained by the CEPEP Company Limited. Our Eco-Sites are maintained to ensure that our public stakeholders have a clean and enjoyable space for those quality moments.

Dead Animal Removal Team (DART)

The DART is responsible for the removal of dead animals from all major roadways across Trinidad. CEPEP removes dead animals that are under the weight of 50 kgs from public areas. The animal’s carcass is then disposed in the nearest landfill. These landfills include: Beetham landfill, Forest Park and Guanapo landfill.

Our Business Services

The CEPEP Company Limited provides commercial and residential services. All necessary resources are available to get the job done.

Commercial and Residential Landscaping Services

Landscaping services range from simple maintenance to creating a natural escape in residential or commercial spaces of all types. Natural and manmade elements are merged to create the sanctuary desired within a budget. Services include:

  • Tree pruning (encouraging tree development, stimulating flower production, reduce pest problems)
  • Grass cutting
  • Maintenance of surroundings

Outdoor Grounds Maintenance

With years of experience in ground maintenance, the CEPEP Company Limited offers services which include removal and cleaning of debris, white waste removal (which includes large appliances, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washers, dryers and air conditioners) and power washing. This service can also be requested for public open spaces which include, but are not limited to, recreation fields and public parks.

Small Construction Services

Small Construction Services of the CEPEP Company Limited include:

  • Environmental Civil Works – provision of environmental services
  • Stewardship services – consultation for responsible planning and management of environmental resources.


Farmers and home gardeners who need assistance to supply their dry land with water for agricultural preparation, can engage us for this service. The provision of this service also includes the creation systems using canals, channels, and hoses.

Waste Collection and Disposal Services

Another great service offered is solid waste management. The Company undertakes waste collection inclusive of the removal of old appliances, furniture, bulk waste and ensures it is disposed or recycled effectively.


We have the equipment and manpower to undertake projects that entail the clearance of drains and water courses which can lead to blockages or obstructions that cause flooding.

Heavy Equipment Rental

The CEPEP Company Limited has a fleet of heavy equipment which includes rental of backhoes, excavators, cranes to meet commercial and residential needs.


We provide commercial transport services for goods. This includes the horizontal transport of supplies, waste (cartage or drayage), ore, soil, sand and other materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dead Animal Removal Team (DART)

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