Our Four Pillars

We are committed to service for the good of every citizen in Trinidad and Tobago.

Business Incubation

Empowering citizens to become entrepreneurs, by providing qualifying businesses with contract opportunities, and the technical support required to expand the range and scope of their services to become independent contractors providing construction services to the public and private sectors.

Developmental Training

Giving entrepeneurs and their employees access to mandatory training to improve their skill sets, through academic and vocational courses conducted by public organisations and institutions with the relevant knowledge and infrastructure.

Enhanced Community Integration

Increasing its footprint in our communities, taking a more active role, and partnering with community-oriented individuals, organisations and institutions, to provide support for environmental, cultural and educational investment and interaction across the nation.

Agriculture Support

Working in our communities, giving a helping hand to people involved in agriculture, to increase yields on the home front, and put more food on the table.

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